RAM – Tripel


RAM Tripel

I had some WLP500 yeast sitting around and some Brewer’s Gold hops and decided to make a Belgian Tripel.

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Hopbee – Honey IPA


Hopbee Honey IPA

The Hopbee Honey IPA is my attempt at trying to balance honey with and English IPA.  I decided not to dry hop this one so that the honey will shine through a little and not get overpowered by hops.  The water profile used is the Fuller’s Bitter one that I used in the Dapper ESB recipe which I have also put here for convenience. Read more

Prohibition Prescription


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I was wasting time on the internet the other day and I stumbled across some prohibition prescription forms.  I thought , “Hey, that would be neat to have a blank one of them for party invitations, beer label, coaster, etc.”

I wanted the 1922 revision of the form but I could not find anyone who had a high resolution scan of a blank one.  So….. I decided to make one.  It’s not exact but I think it turned out OK.  Click on the image above and it will open the full size one for downloading.  Feel free to download and use as your will.



Dapper – ESB


Dapper_BottleDapper ESB

In the past I have tried many times to make a tasty English ESB, but have failed.  I was never too sure if it was the recipe or the water and finally came to the conclusion that, with some water modifications,  this one might work. Read more