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Hen and Feisty Rooster Blonde Ales

Ugh…. life has kept me busy lately.  Between working overtime, kid’s sports events, and home functions… But, I have finally gotten back to posting on the site. We are still waiting for the Northern Spy apples to become available for Scrumpy this year.  Stay tuned for that one in the near future. A friend of mine


Azacca Pale Wheat

Upon renewing my American Homebrewer’s Association Membership, I was sent some free hops.  Eight ounces of free hops to be exact.  Nice…. Four ounces were Azacca Hops and the other four were Jarrylo.  I have never used these hops before so I decided to make two batches of Pale Ale to showcase each of these.


More About English Scrumpy 2015

More About English Scrumpy 2015 Last year we made and English scrumpy and had very good results.  But, we skipped some items that would have made it more authentic.  First we need to look at what scrumpy is.


1844 Whitbread Porter (2015)

I was looking over the original post that I made for this beer and realized that I had made a few mistakes when formulating the recipe.  Although it doesn’t make a huge difference in the recipe, I must attempt to right this wrong to the best of my ability and knowledge.  The rest of this


Subterranean Best Mild Ale

10 gallons of mild ale split into two equal batches and pitched with 2 different yeasts. Yeast 1 = House Blend of WLP002 English Ale Yeast and WLP013 London Ale Yeast Yeast 2 = WLP017 Whitbread Ale Yeast


Hopbee – Honey IPA

Hopbee Honey IPA The Hopbee Honey IPA is my attempt at trying to balance honey with and English IPA.  I decided not to dry hop this one so that the honey will shine through a little and not get overpowered by hops.  The water profile used is the Fuller’s Bitter one that I used in


Prohibition Prescription

  I was wasting time on the internet the other day and I stumbled across some prohibition prescription forms.  I thought , “Hey, that would be neat to have a blank one of them for party invitations, beer label, coaster, etc.” I wanted the 1922 revision of the form but I could not find anyone


Dapper – ESB

  Dapper ESB In the past I have tried many times to make a tasty English ESB, but have failed.  I was never too sure if it was the recipe or the water and finally came to the conclusion that, with some water modifications,  this one might work.


2015 English Ale Series

2015 English Ale Series I’ve decided to dedicate 2015 to the brewing of English ales only.  I have constructed 8 recipes, some of which have already been published, and some of which I will release throughout the year.  There will most likely be some bonus recipes released as well, but for now I’m going to commit to the