Bill & Ted’s Excellent Scrumpy


Ted’s Head featuring Bill, Kate, and Alex

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Scrumpy

Apple harvest time has arrived, my friend Ted has delivered the apples, and it’s time to make scrumpy.  He has brought 2 of his children to help out.  My kids decided to stay in bed instead. :( Read more

Olivia Blond Ale

Blond Ale Awesome Image

Olivia Blond Ale

After finding some 14 month old Belgian Ale yeast in my fridge, I decided that it was time to revist Belgian beer.  I threw the yeast in a starter, modified a recipe, and the Olivia Blond Ale was born. Read more

Making English Scrumpy


A friend of mine just returned from a visit to England and Scotland and requested that we get together and make some English Scrumpy.  Not understanding what the hell he was talking about,  I did a little research and believe that these sites may be good starting point:

Self Sufficiency Brewing: Making English Scrumpy.

BBC – h2g2 – Scrumpy

UK Cider Wiki

It looks like the prime harvesting time is in October at the local orchard.  I will post more about this sometime after.

Yeast Harvest Tags


These are yeast harvest tags that I attach to my containers.  Feel free to download if you have a use for them.