Making English Scrumpy


A friend of mine just returned from a visit to England and Scotland and requested that we get together and make some English Scrumpy.  Not understanding what the hell he was talking about,  I did a little research and believe that these sites may be good starting point:

Self Sufficiency Brewing: Making English Scrumpy.

BBC – h2g2 – Scrumpy

It looks like the prime harvesting time is in October at the local orchard.  I will post more about this sometime after.

Yeast Harvest Tags


These are yeast harvest tags that I attach to my containers.  Feel free to download if you have a use for them.



Hooligan Porter


Hooligan Porter

Hooligan is a Porter recipe.  Not much else to say. Brew, Drink, Brawl. Read more

SRM Color Wheel


SRM Color Wheel

This is a SRM Color Wheel that I made up.  I use it for doing a batches of invert sugar and find that it’s easier to get close to my sample to compare.  It only goes up to 40 SRM because anything above 40 SRM you have to guess at since it’s mostly black.  Feel free to download it if you can use it.